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SimRacing in Colombia: a passion that keeps growing every day

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Simracing is a way of competing in virtual car races, using simulators that recreate the real conditions of the tracks, the vehicles and the physics. It is an activity that requires skill, concentration and passion for motor sport. However, in Colombia simracing is not very well known or little is talked about it. Why does this happen?

In this post, we will explore some of the possible reasons why simracing in Colombia has not had the same boom as in other countries, and what could be done to change this situation.

Pic: Volante y pedalera Fanatec

One of the reasons is the cost of the equipment needed to practice simracing. It is not only about having a powerful computer and an internet connection, but also having a steering wheel, pedals, a gear shift and a seat that simulate as faithfully as possible the experience of driving a real car. These accessories can have a high price, and they are not easy to find in the local market. In this sense, FormulaRacings has strategic alliances with the best manufacturers of simulator parts to make them available to the Colombian market.

Another reason is the lack of dissemination and support for simracing as a sporting discipline. Although there are some local leagues and tournaments, there is no federation or entity that regulates and promotes simracing in Colombia. There is also no culture of recognizing the value and talent of Colombian simracers, who often have to compete against rivals from other countries with more resources and experience.

Finally, another reason is the scarce supply of simulators that include Colombian circuits or cars. Most of the most popular simulators are based on international competitions, such as Formula 1, WRC or NASCAR. This makes Colombian simracers not feel identified with the races they dispute, and that they cannot enjoy the excitement of racing on tracks or with vehicles that they know or have seen in reality.

These are some of the reasons why simracing in Colombia is not so well known or talked about. However, this does not mean that there is no hope for the near future. On the contrary, we think there is a lot of potential for simracing to grow and develop in our country.

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