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ResQubic is one of the most advanced professional racing simulators on the market, designed and manufactured in Italy to offer a realistic and competitive driving experience to professional drivers. With ResQubic, you can train your driving skills in a safe and controlled environment, using the most innovative technology. ResQubic has an adjustable carbon fiber seat, which adapts to your posture and provides you with comfort and ergonomics. Hydraulic pedals allow you to control braking and accelerator with precision and sensitivity. The latest generation gaming PC guarantees optimal performance and impressive graphic quality. The Qubic System motion system makes you feel every corner, bump and acceleration, as if you were on the track. And the VR glasses immerse you in a virtual world where you can compete with other drivers or against yourself, on the most famous circuits in the world. ResQubic is the professional racing simulator you were looking for, the only one that will make you feel like a real driver.

FR Simulator - ResQubic Motion

SKU: 366615376135191
  • The high-end FR ResQubic simulator can incorporate and/or combine different components such as direct drive bases, rims, brakes, among others. For a personalized proposal do not hesitate to contact us at

  • All purchases require a 50% deposit at the time of order and 50% at the time of order. at the time of delivery

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