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Our simulators, which are manufactured in Europe with the best technologies, are backed by the experience and prestige of our technological partners, they have collaborated closely with professional drivers in different categories of motor sport.


In this way, we can guarantee the highest quality and fidelity in our products, which will make you live a unique and unforgettable experience.

We offer a unique experience in the country, which you cannot find anywhere else for both the purchase and equipping of simulators. You will be able to choose between different circuits, cars and weather conditions, and feel the adrenaline and excitement of competing at the highest level. Our simulators are ideal for amateurs, professionals, companies and events.


The advanced simulation system transmits all the track conditions of the circuit

F1 style steering wheels


The direct drive system allows you to experience competition torque

Dual Paddle Shift system for clutch and shifting delivers total control

The best equipment and technology
  • Having the support and collaboration of some of the most prestigious and recognized manufacturers of simulators and racing components, guarantees our clients and followers a unique and unforgettable experience. Thanks to them and our expertise, we can have the latest advances in hardware and software, such as turn-key solutions steering wheels, pedals, seats, screens, virtual reality headsets and dynamic simulators,

Realistic driving feeling

Full immersion in simulation

Impressive feeling of braking and attack

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